This Week’s News in Customer Support

By: Amy @IWantItNowBlog Clark

From ways to create evangelical customers to thinking about rewarding your customer base during the thanksgiving season, this week’s best offers up a number of strategies to hit the refresh button on your customer support.

1. The Art of Anticipation: Why Apple’s Retail Customer Service Is Better Than Yours
In this article by Micah Solomon he challenges us to look beyond customer “satisfaction” and to provide much more than a satisfactory experience. In particular he outlines The Apple’ Store’s success in anticipatory customer service excellence.

2. Social Media Customer Service: Reacting vs. Engaging

In Shep Hyken’s article will take your social media customer service focus to a new level. He describes the movement away from the reaction and towards a more pro-active and engaging social media opportunity.

3. 3 Ways to Create Evangelical Customers

In this article by FuseDesk we learn about how to improve our customer loyalty to the point that our customers become an evangelical base, spreading awareness of their great experience and loyalty to our company.

4.Never Stop Improving Your Customer Support

Scott Hargroves article challenges us to keep changing, and keep focusing on customer support as a priority in our business. He draws on a number of examples in order to keep us all thinking about the next steps and next set of extraordinary customer support ideals.

5. 5 Ways to Reward Your Customers Ahead of Thanksgiving 

Finally this article outlines the way that we all can reward our customers and show how thankful we are for their business during the busy but beautiful thanksgiving season.



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