This Week’s Top 5 Customer Service Articles

Even though I already summed up 2015, sharing 19 excellent reads, I could not ignore these 5 articles posted this week. Read ahead to discover what customer service managers tend to forget, how to maintain top-notch customer service during rapid growth,  and some interesting global aspects of excellent customer service.


The Most Neglected Part of Customer Service

The workplace determines so much about the efficiency of the employees, and how productive they are with their time. With the correct atmosphere both physically and emotionally, employees are able to utilize their time to the fullest. But at the end of the day when the employees refuse to work together, or the atmosphere isn’t conducive to productivity, the efficiency of the workplace decreases immensely. Shaun Belding examines this topic suggesting that the most neglected part of customer service isn’t the customers, but the representatives who provide the service.


Do Your Customers Fall Into the “Expectations Gap”?

When a customer engages with a representative they have certain expectations in terms of the type of service they are meant to receive. The company also has certain expectations of what they think the customer wants. Which is where the gap comes in, when trying to find a happy medium between the two. In her article, Dr. Jodie Monger discusses what happens when the customer’s expectations don’t align with the company’s predetermined level of service.


How To Maintain Top Notch Customer Service While Your Company Rapidly Grows

In today’s world full of the latest technology, when the most advanced piece of technology is always just around the corner, companies have a hard time keeping up with their customers. In addition to the constant race to tackle the newest piece of technology, you’re simultaneously trying to advance your business as well. How do you do it all at once? Zeynep Ilgaz discusses how to keep up with your customers and your competitors, while at the same time nurturing your budding company.


Finding Meaning in Global Customer Experience

In this fascinating article, Mary Laplante discusses the challenges of global customer service.  She argues what it means to truly deliver the best customer experience. The ideal service requires so much more than just a website and office space; it requires multicultural and multilingual capabilities. The best customer service includes going above and beyond, such as providing virtual assistants in call centers, and ensuring that your representatives are educating to the highest level. Laplante goes on to explain how exactly this is done in today’s competitive world.


19 Most Interesting Articles and Interviews of 2015

We compiled a list of the most fascinating articles of 2015 which include the most important “how to’s” in customer service. How to understand the customer, how to communicate with the customer, and how to get yourself to where the customer wants you to be. In order to provide that top notch service, you need to appreciate what the customer really wants. This is done by creating a multi-service strategy including phone service, self-service options, and taking advantage of important feedback. These articles provide an outline on just how to get there.


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