Tips on How To Effectively Use Twitter for Customer Service

It is possible to use Twitter for customer service as it normally helps to give instant responses thus creating good relationship between companies and their clients. Gone are the days when customers had to wait patiently on phone to the transferred to the next available customer personnel or wait for days on end for their email to be replied as they can turn their woes to social media.

Nowadays companies can engage with their customers, build good will and solve problems thanks to the connectivity made possible by social media. Some of the ways to do this using twitter include:

1. Understanding the reasons why is a great platform that can be used for customer service 

Before opting to use this avenue, it is important to understand why customer service and Twitter is a perfect match. For starters it can be used to solve problems very fast. A single tweet might be enough if the problem is not big and you can also get into deeper conversations with the client if it is a huge problem. Getting customer service as trending topic on the social media site can also help to create attention to the company which can help increase sales. Offering customer service on twitter also helps to reduce costs and takes less time when compared to a dedicated call center.

 2. Tracks conversations about your brand 

Using twitter for customer service is also important as it helps you track conversations that other people have about your brand. This allows you to know what the market is really saying about you by simple tracking all the possible keywords that can be used around your brand. There are some tools that can be used specifically for this such as Tweetbeep and Monitter.

3. Create awareness and social media presence 

When you use Twitter for customer service, it also helps customers to be made aware of your brand presence. Watching a conversation will definitely give you an idea of where the brand stands in social media and other platforms as well as its reputation. For this reason, it is best to let your clients know that they can follow you on twitter. This can be done by placing a prominent button on your site. You can also let them know that you are willing to engage with them and address any questions or concerns via social media.

4. Always respond transparently and quickly 

It is also important to remember that as you this social media platform, its always recommended to respond fast and in a transparent manner. This is regardless of whether the customer is asking for help or filing a complaint. Never use an arrogant tone and be ready to help even when the problem you are dealing with is sensitive. The @ replies is ideal as it does not have any restrictions to whom you can talk to and also offers a transparent and public face to a company’s customer service. Try as hard as possible to be authentic and also get engaged in the conversations so as to achieve great results using twitter for customer service.


Amy Clark is the Lead Author & Editor of IWantItNow Blog. Amy established the Customer Engagement blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to customer service, support and engagement.