Top 3 Customer Service Help Desk Software


Professional customer service has become a very important concern for every business company today. Most business organizations today, have their official websites online and they’re providing services to the users through those platforms. Providing customer service online requires high quality software support and dedicated customer service professionals ready to help the customers.

Some talented developer companies have brought professional customer service help desk software solutions for the companies to help them with competent service quality. Here you will discover 3 superb customer service solutions available for your website today.

Top 3 customer service help desk software: a resourceful list for business owners

#1 ZenDesk:

It’s one of the most popular helpdesk solutions available for the modern websites. The software features all the advanced technologies integrated inside. It comes with a convenient user-interface. The helpdesk software gets you a powerful web based interactive template, SSL integration technology, SSO and real time analytics support.

It also lets you access some unique features as add-ons such as Webinar, service management, subscription support etc. The software probably features the most powerful software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology. Zen Desk has designed different software versions for all major operating systems.


This web-based service is known for the innovative applets for all major platforms and operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS etc., a leader in the customer service industry has brought this service for the business companies operating online.

They provide a 30-days no-commitment trial without even inserting a credit card details. The pricing starts with $1/hour/agent for the part time contractors; or you can select the $49/month for each full-time worker after the first hire (first hired agent doesn’t incur any charge by the software). This means, a one person shop can be run free with this support software.

#3 Kayako

Kayako fusion is promising helpdesk software available for the businesses online. The parent company Kayako brought the SAAS technology for their existing and new clients. The software has a powerful ticket management system, priority-support option and numerous similar features. The software is an efficient Email and support ticket handler.

It lets a customer service agent to work and manage the mails and tickets simultaneously. It comes as a downloadable software or SAAS subscription offer. You can purchase the one time package at $999 for 10 licensed agents with auto-upgrades and technical support for the next six months. Their SAAS subscription starts from $49 per month.

Features that a comprehensive customer service solution must have

While subscribing a virtual customer service solution, you should search for a few noticeable features carefully. You can easily scrutinize the available offers and shortlist the best options to meet your requirements. Here you will find the most important features that you must search for:

1. Advanced tracking system, powerful analytical technology

2. Powerful and readily accessible database

3. Convenient user interface

4. Competent technical support, quickly editable modules etc

5. Affordable subscription options

Every business company today need a high quality customer support solution. A powerful software can efficiently handle the Customer Service operation today. Fortunately, there are numerous solutions to choose from. Take some time to research and find out what suits your company best.

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