Top 3 Free Customer Service Software Available

When it comes to free customer service software and help desks, the future is in the cloud. Gone are the days of on-premise customer service software where you need to buy a license, download the software, install it on your servers, and form a team to maintain and manage it. That was expensive, time-consuming, and labor extensive. You might end up hiring a guy whose job is to troubleshoot a software designed to troubleshoot your own client’s needs.

Today, cloud help desk software is easy to use with zero-maintenance since it is hosted on the web and not in your server. Designed for various business needs, most of them are very affordable, and in fact, have editions which are free customer service software that just might fit your own needs.

If you are looking for user-friendly, instantly-updated, fully functional, and free customer service software, these are your top three options:

iKodi Help Desk Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

iKodi is an easy-to-use, totally web-based software on cloud for customer service and support. It is functional in multiple operating systems since it is written in 100% PHP script. It has a knowledge base customer self-service support which you can maximize by providing abundant articles. Your customer can search any answer with inputting the right key words in the search column. Your support agent is a second-level intervention.

There are four editions but its free customer service software might just be what you need. While it only allows one staff member support, it provides unlimited tickets and unlimited utilizing time. It is best for startups. If business is growing, you can always upgrade to the standard edition for a fee.

SysAid CSS Free Help Desk

The great thing about SysAid CSS Free Edition is that is actually is free -no frills, no requirements, no ads, and no trial period. This edition is a simple but fully functionalcustomer service software that, like Ikodi, only allows for one agent.

The downside is that it limits the service request to a monthly maximum of 100 a month for an unlimited number of customers. But it a complete package that includes core features such as the Help Desk that manages your service requests via email or live chat and organizes, filters and prioritizes them according to your needs and preferences. It also runs reports to keep you constantly updated.

The other important feature is its Self-service Portal that your customers can use 24/7. They can submit request, keep track of them, search for solutions in the knowledge base, and chat with a staff agent.

And the good news is that the most recent editions have a mobile application which allows your customers to communicate with you via their mobile devices such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone 7.

The free edition is ideal for SMEs who already have established a sizable customer base.

Zendesk Starter Plan

Zendesk is one of the recognized world leaders in cloud help desk software and is known as the fastest way for your company, whatever size it is, to offer great customer service to all levels of customers: clients, partners, and employees.

Yes, you can get the Starter Plan for free. But there is a requirement, a happy one. You must donate at least $20 to the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital. That is great deal considering the usual cost of a Zendesk Starter Plan is $325. Besides, your donation will go a long way to help sick children around the world.

There are many free customer service software offered online today but these three are your best options when looking for user-friendly, fully-functional, and proven applications.

is Specialist in Customer Success and chief writer and editor of I Want It Now, a blog for Customer Service Experts. Follow her @StefWalkMe