Top 5 Customer Service Posts

1# The Managers Role In Customer Service Training

Customer service has a direct impact on the success and quality of services and products offered by any give company or business entity. Managers should take part in the training to gain more skills as well as motivate the junior employees. Flavio Martins look at the roles of managers in this form of training.

2# Great Customer Service Is Much More Than A Smile

There is more to customer service than just a smile. Note that some customers will still give you a wink even if your service sucks. Sue Cockburn explains why you should not just rely on the customer facial expressions when gauging the quality of your service.

3# Build A Strong Customer Service Team To Keep Your Customer Happy

The skills and expertise of your customer care representative has a direct impact on how you relate with customers. This will in turn help you increase your sales and competitiveness. Here is a whitepaper by Marissa Clark on how to build a top notch customer service team.

4# Why May Day Is The Perfect Holiday To Thank Call Center Representatives

Here’s one I wrote- May Day is one of the most celebrated holidays in any given year. It gives employees a chance to sit back and appreciate their achievements. Army Clark looks at why this is the ideal day for employers to thank their customer care representatives.


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