Top 5 Customer Service Reads

1# Space Age Customer Service: The Rise Of The Virtual Agent

Is it possible to have a customer service representative who never takes an off? Only a super virtual agent can do this. Here is an article by Jessica Carter on the new space age customer service technology that you should look out for. Amazing!

2# How To Wow Customer Service? Master The Art Of Marketing Strategy

Every company wants to have a perfect customer service. Achieving this goal is not easy due to the many logistical factors that have to be considered. One thing to you need to do is master the art of marketing strategy. Flavio Martins explains this concept in this article.

3# Rise To The Challenge And Reward Of Reaching Senior Citizens On Social

More and more people are using social media platforms as a communication tool. Here is an article on how to successfully venture into this demographic. Created by Jennifer Beese

4# Is Self Service BI The Right Way Forward?

Self Service is one of the trendiest styles that companies are using to respond to their clients’ queries or deliver products and services. Is this the right way to go? Matillion attempts to answer this question in this short yet comprehensive article.

5# 5 Ways to Create a Great Knowledge Base

Check out this post that offers 5 tips to ensure your call center agents have a great knowledge base.


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