Top 6 Articles on Customer Service

Another week has come and gone and the world of Customer Service is buzzing as always. Every week I share with you the articles (and this week a video) on Customer Service, that I enjoyed reading (and watching) this week. And, here they are:

1# Get Ahead: Six Take-Note CS Trends for 2014

2014 is a fresh year with many opportunities. The fantastic Tricia Morris from Parature shared 6 crucial tips for a revolutionized customer service strategy going forward. This is surely a must-read.

2# 5 Major Mistakes To Avoid in 2014

2014 will bring big opportunities and risks for your business. Things are changing so fast and you need to make the right choices to make the most of this blossoming year. Ron Kaufman talks about 5 key mistakes to avoid this year.

3# The Golden Rules of Customer Loyalty

It costs more money to bring a new customer than to keep a past/current customer. Cheryl brings you up to speed with the important rules of maintaining customer loyalty. Always remember that customer is key.

4# 14 Customer Service Questions to Ask for 2014

This is a well thought-out video by Shep Hyken – an accomplished customer service expert. The author shares 14 questions you need to ask yourself and others in your company in order to ensure more customer satisfaction moving forward. This is all you need to deliver amazing customer service in 2014.

5# 5 Key Questions to Ask to Achieve a Customer-Centric Culture

How do the big boys manage to sustain a customer-oriented culture? Annette Franz shares 5 key questions one must address in order to achieve the right culture within their organization. You need to read this article to understand how to revolve your world around customers to achieve more loyalty.

6# 5 Phrases That Should Never Be Use in the Customer Service Business

Businesses that value their customers are best placed to out-perform their potential going forward. You therefore need to ensure that the right customer service culture in inculcated throughout all levels of your organization. Steve Digioia warns you about 5 phrases to avoid in customer service.


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