Top Articles on Customer Service

1# Millennials, The Biggest Generation Of Customer Ever, Don’t Care About The Internet 

Did you that there are over 80 million millennial customers in United States? Unknown to most people is that this generation does not really care about internet. Micah Solomon looks at this expertly look at factors that lead to this scenario.

2# An Opportunity to Walk In The Customer Support Center’s Shoes

Customer support is an important department in business especially due to the fact that customers have a wide range of options. Hence, poor customer service chases away customers. Shep Hyken reviews the life of a customer care representative here.

3# Self Service Tech Support Answers Health Insurer’s Call

Due to increase in customers, Blue Cross insurance company had to find a way of respond to their questions amicably. Alison Diana looks at how this company managed to respond to all their queries effectively.

4# Delta, Leader of the U.S Airline Industry, Challenges Boeing And Export-Import Bank

Delta is no doubt is the largest and most influential airline company in the United States. Its financial success is enough proof of that it’s the leader in this field. Read this article by Ted Reed to understand how this company operates.

5# Seven Habits Of Incredibly Happy Customer Service Managers

It is not a walk in the park to maintain a clean track record as a customer service manager. Here is an article we wrote on seven habits or traits that every happy manager has to possess.


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