Top Customer Service Companies Everyone Should Know About

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We talk a lot about UI, user acquisition, retention and mobile location but do we talk enough about customer support? Today, the large organizations spend lot of money to maintain a positive brand image. In many companies the public image depends on the quality of the company’s customer service.

The customer service department of the companies can bring about success and failure in a highly competitive marketplace. Businesses that turn customer queries into chances for building a better relationship are ranked among top customer service companies.

Imagine if every team member of a company is focused on offering an outstanding experience to each of their customers? The organization would gain loud reputation, loyalty and emerge as the market leaders. Yes, all businesses aim high. Customer service is not only a ‘buzzword’ in the industries because in reality companies with poor quality customer care are losing clients heavily.

All the customers are focusing on achieving a good customer service so it is not sufficient for a company to hire only interactive PR people. The best way to improve the service is to narrow down the information gap so that the customers become aware of the good and the bad.

Here are the names of few top customer service companies which is the result of research, client surveys and real life experiences.

Apple- The massive gainer

According to reports by The American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ASCI), customers have considered Apple as the best organization within ‘Personal Computers’ category. Yes, it is due to the tremendously interactive customer support to its clients. Out of 100, the company scored 77. The brand is known as the most loyal brand for immense innovation and customer service. It is a great achievement for Apple.

GE- The Masters In Customer Service

General Electric company also ranked high among top customer service companies for their proactive approach to deliver goodwill and client satisfaction. The company maintains their own blog and it is considered to be a very good measure for businesses to interact with their customers.

Toyota Motor Corporation

This company flourished in the automobile industry not only for manufacturing high quality vehicles but also reliable customer support. This brand has earned immense reputation for high customer loyalty.

Google- The Consistent Market Leaders

Google has satisfied the world with unparallel innovation and maintenance of consistent quality. They are improving each and every year and already a giant in the web world.

Some of the other companies that have ranked high in offering services to the customers are Cox Communication Inc., Hilton Hotels Corporation, Papa John’s International Inc., Samsung Electronics America and The DirecTV Group Inc.

Conclusion- Focus On The Customers

All business owners think that they are selling the best product in their industry but it does not matter until the customers think the same. Now a lot of organizations are spending their efforts in offering a better consumer care service so that they can enhance their brand awareness and generate opportunities of second sell.

Irrespective of the market category you belong to, it is very necessary to understand and meet the expectations of the customers and stand out in the top customer service companies.


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