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A busy week for Customer service folk all over!   a lot of studies have been published and many of those predictions are already being put into action.

Check out the Top news, Tailored just for you!

You may not always know what defines a great customer experience until one happens to you, but once it has, you’ll keep going back.  How can you get the same for your customers?  Zappos has the answer

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We often speak of customers being the most important part of the business.  But yet so many companies fail in this arena.  

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Customers should never be ignored, and here are 3 very important reasons why that’s the case.

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Another great piece from the team of Fonolo.   Today exploring more trends from the world of Customer Service.

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New Oracle Survey Says Customer Service Still Key to Retail experience.  Very interesting report.

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And now for something we have all been buzzing about but haven’t had the chance to read up on. 

Facebook launch Search (within Facebook).  is this one step towards them being the AOL of today?

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Have a great weekend and hope you enjoyed my news round up!  

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