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Well this week has been an exciting one for me and the team!  We partnered up with a great company in the customer service field called Parature.  We held a very successful webinar with the topic focus on how to discover and boost self service adoption rates and lower customer support costs.  We had many participants who got to get lots of insight into the concept and best practices.

The webinar will be available in the next few days online, so dont forget to check back here for it.  Alternatively, sign up for the newsletter and we will send it over to you next week.

Well, lets get back to the news of the week!  It has been an interesting week of news.  Lets jump right in…

First up is a piece about how others are following in the footsteps of Zappos.  Free gift cards? Flowers and candy? It’s all part of how ZocDoc tries to earn customers for life.

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A thought close to my heart, its the idea of social media as a means of customer service.  It’s no longer just for marketing.   This article explores how to use social media effectively in order to keep customers happy.

It seems that Retail Customer Service in the Time of the Millennial Mindset. When it comes to customer service, retailers are always looking for new methods to personalize the shopping experience, and not the masses.

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customers are the reason we do what we do.  we care about them, and a thought leader has explored the ideas and brought us 6 amazing things customers do!

Read more to see what these 6 things are!

There are several ways in which brands can use social media to actively listen, add value to conversations, engage with unhappy customers, and provide specific calls to action for follow-up support and potential acquisition. Learn how we can make sure it doesn’t ruin the relationship.

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I hope you have a good weekend, and share the news!

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