Top News for the Customer Service Expert

I’m always busy searching for the latest trends in the world of customer service and support and this week is no exception.  I’ve found the top news to share with you and hope you enjoy it and share with your peers.

First up we have a price from Flavio Martins, customer service expert.  He wants to make sure you are on the path to having great customer experience.

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Customer service is at the forefront of the business.  you need to impress customers here, and some say its the new marketing.  So read the latest article in Forbes magazine showing you how to create customers for life.

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Its not uncommon that disaster can strike with a customer who isn’t happy.  It happens to major companies and small ones alike.  If this happens how are you dealing with it? There is a cool infographic to highlight the theories.

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In every team, you have awesome people, and some that are just great.  There is a theory to it and you can understand from the next article out in the customer service world.

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Bullying is never ok, and what should you do in the call center? customers feel empowered and have taken on the “customer is always right” and are abusing agents to get what they want.

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Hope you have enjoyed the news roundup and have a great week.


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