Top News from the CS World!

This week has been full of delight!  For one, its a holiday for us all and that means preparing for food, family and some shopping in the coming days!  It’s also been a great week for customer service as lots of discussions are emerging about how to tackle the holiday period in the call center.

First up we have a piece from Business2Community.  They look at 3 Ways Analytics are Transforming Customer Service.

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We talk about multi channel support, and that includes self service methods, live chat, email and so much more, but its apparent that customers may still prefer calling the call center.

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Win the Customer explores the fact that customer experience is everything in your business.  Learn more an see how to adapt.

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Check out this great infographic on 25 Skills necessary for Excellent Customer Service in your Business.

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I love self service and often talk about, and educate through webinars, white papers and ebooks.  So this great article shined bright to me.  Learn How to Best Serve Self-Serve Customers.

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Hope you have a great week.  Please feel free to share!

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