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A week has gone by and the world of customer service remains to explore new ideas that can gain competitive edge for your call center, business or enterprise.   Customer loyalty played a major role this week, exploring how you can improve it in order to succeed.

First up we have some tips from the guys at impact learning.  If you are in the busi­ness of cus­tomer ser­vice and cus­tomer sup­port – take note: It’s Cus­tomer Loy­alty Month. What does this mean? Well, for one thing, it’s a great time to take a per­sonal and company-wide inven­tory of just how well you are treat­ing and ser­vic­ing your cus­tomers. How would you rate your cus­tomer loy­alty?

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The people of Zendesk are offering a great webinar that will be very interesting – Three hidden reasons why good people provide bad service.  Consistently delivering outstanding customer service is a challenge for nearly every organization. Service failures can still occur even when employees are passionate, well-trained, and represent great products and services.

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We all know the Salesforce blog is very interesting, but this week I found something really good on their blog.   A great infographic about how a universal inbox can save any customer service department. Universal Inbox: Delivering Improved Customer Service

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ICMI’s Call Center blog explores how we can all com bat and lower the Average Hold Times in our call centers.  Its a major challenge for most businesses, so this can be  great learning ground.  In recent years Average Handle Time has become the bogey man of the contact centre; the ultimate expression of a mean spirited ‘time is money’ approach that denigrates the very concept of customer service.

If you are in the financial sector and you feel you need to jump on the social media wagon, then this is the article for you.   Social media and the financial sector: eight best practice tips.

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