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Social media, as I always say is vital to a customer service department, and if done right is not only a key part of the customer service management, but also a front row contender for brand marketing.  so if you are still considering it, now the time to act on it!

Through reading the news this week, I have found some killer news for you, that you really cant afford to miss.

First up, there is some news coming from Canada.  The Business Review canada site explains to us the best tips for social customer service.  Today’s customers are tech savvy and use social media to a far greater extent than they did even a decade ago.In fact, a research company posted a December 2012 report that revealed more than 60 percent of men and greater than 70 percent of women use various types of social media on a daily basis for business, networking, and shopping.

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Zendesk have worked on a great infographic explaining that the social effect is important.  Complaining: your customers are doing it in public forums and they want you to respond. It can seem malicious, and at times it might be. But ignoring them is not the best course of action.

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A great thought leader Bassam Salem, explains the 4 predictions for contact centers in the near future.  This covers everything from the cloud being involved to more chat options both on the web and on mobile.

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So its apparent that customers complain on social media because of vengeance.  So when i say that social customer service is vital, its for these reasons.  we need to calm the fires and make sure that customers are heard and seen to.   Even more interesting is that rather than women or Internet-savvy youths, older men are the most likely demographic group to complain online.

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Another great infographic this time focusing on The Financial Impact of Customer Service.   There is a high price to pay for poor customer service, while conversely, there is money to be made from consistently delivering an exceptional customer experience. The challenge on both sides is that customer expectations have never been higher for service and support.

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Hope you have a good weekend, and enjoy the reading!

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