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This weeks news round up is brought to you with the theme of Self service and great customer service.  A lot of the news was dominated by stories of great tips and stories so this is what I decided to share with you!

First up we have a story about Bank of America.   Like most companies, they are working on having a social presents with their customer service.    they sadly made a little mistake which propelled them to create quite the frenzy! Hopefully they can recover from it and continue to offer a great service to their customers.

Read more here to see just what happened!

In good timing, I have found a great piece that explores 4 tips for killer Twitter customer service!  The secret to a loyal customer base is no secret at all: Great customer service will bring them back every time. Social media can help you get there and these tips will help.

Read the 4 tips here

I keep ranting on about Self service, but others are now fighting for this to become mainstream too.  Self service is the future and experts tell you why.  Consumers expect companies to keep improving their level of service. They want their questions answered and problems solved in a timely, friendly, and efficient manner. Consumers have a strong aversion to having to contact a company several times or sharing the same information more than once.

Read more from the Fast Company here

I got the opportunity to guest post for Win The Customer blog.  I decided to also discuss Self service and how i believe customers are hungry for it.  A recent customer experience report performed by Cisco brought up the fact that an automated personalization is the key to winning customers’ trust and willingness to shop with you. According to the report, self-service, automation and an Omnichannel shopping experience are all viewed by the customers as a trade-in for them providing personal use information.

Read more here

I found a great infographic for you from the team at Parature.  With consumers now connected to the web more often than not via laptops, smartphones, tablets and wearables, seeking out service online is only natural. From pre- to post-sales, customers are looking for and helping themselves to any information they can find.

Check out the infographic here

Hope you love and share this news that I found and thought was ideal for your weekend read!  Have a great weekend!


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