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Cloud software has since its conception being a must have for any business!  But many are using them for other parts of the business, and not necessarily for customer service.  This in fact is a big benefit because it can bring speed and quality.  The talk of the town has certainly been around the idea of cloud.

First up, we have a story in Social Media Today.  This piece is discussing the idea that Twitter is now a major part of #custserv, so we need to learn to use it wisely.

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TechCrunch has joined in the customer service conversation this week.  A new start up focused on communicating with the customer has just received funding.   I always love to hear of new companies out there!

Read more and check out their website.

Desk shows us all The “Thank You Effect”: 50 Small Ways to Improve Customer Service.

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Forbes Magazine shows how to get to grips with the customer experience and do it well.

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It has been talked about before but this week, the news is discussing that even small businesses are embracing social customer service.

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Perhaps the best has been saved for last, but check out this great piece by Wired magazine.   Customer Service needs the cloud!

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I hope you have enjoyed my news round up!  Have a great weekend.


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