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This week, and most weeks, social media is on peoples tongue.  It used to be only a marketing tool, and now is spreading to other parts of the business.  It is used for communication with the customer both inbound, and outbound.   Other technologies are prevalent, and proving that is a necessary in the business in order for great success.

First up this week is a great article about angry customers using social media a sa tool.  Almost 46% customers turn to social media before making any purchase decisions, revealed a YouGov survey of over 2000 UK consumers, commissioned by online customer help desk Sirportly.  However, more customers are eager to vent their anger regarding lousy customer service on social media. The study shows that 55% of the customers under 35 years of age- and 35% of customers across all ages- turn to social media to talk about bad customer service, suggesting they realise that exposing bad customer service can damage a brand’s reputation.

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With the help of Techcrunch this week, SingTel announced that they will plans to set aside $1.6 billion (S$2 billion) over the next three years for startup acquisitions, it said in an earnings call (via ZDNet). They didn’t state which start ups they would like to acquire specifically, but going by those it has made in recent years, we can expect the telco to continue focusing on digital content and augmenting its cloud offerings.

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Kate Nasser explains her point of view on the customer experience.  customer experience even in large volume is about the ultimate positive moment for each customer. Even in the face of high volume delivery challenges, super customer experience is about individual customer satisfaction and success.

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Cio magazine explores the idea of big data improving marketing and customer service.  Big data is poised to help marketers reach and engage customers and prospects in ways that businesses are only now starting to understand. Enterprises that don’t embrace analytics may soon see embattled customers voting with their wallets.

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Call Center software is often vital for the success and good service a business brings.  Promero, a leading expert, reseller and hosting provider of call center solutions, workforce management and business process optimization, announced today the industry’s first social media listener that prioritizes, categorizes and routes social media postings, Aspect Social.

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