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Well I’ve certainly had a fun week!  So many interesting discussions were taking place, plus some major insights into how agents and businesses can really truly engage with their customers.  Is interaction the key to success? Lets see!

First up, we have some news from the team at Business2Community.  They are exploring the idea of the power of CRM, and your content.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools have traditionally worked in favor of salespeople. They allow you, as a salesperson, to track, measure, and monitor just about every aspect of the sales cycle. The funny thing is, the deeper you go into the world of CRM tools, the more they start to look like content management tools.

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The guys at Buffer, the cool social management software that is taking the industry by storm have shared a great infographic.  What Bad Customer Service Costs Your Business?   areal pain point for anyone who uses social media as a method of customer service.  “You Can’t Improve What You Don’t Measure” goes one of the most famous quotes in business. And this line has also been one of the biggest problems for doing great customer service. “But you can’t measure it!” is the response I receive from a lot of budding entrepreneurs when it comes to chatting about customer support.

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ZenDesk shares with everyone in the world of customer service the results from an important survey about The customer service and lifetime customer value.  Every business manager knows that when a customer has a problem, the experience of resolving the issue has a profound impact on future purchases. so we hope this great survey results will help you combat this.

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A great company that i have become familiar with has released some research.   NewVoiceMedia explores Customers are fighting back against poor customer service and moving along as and when they wish.  New research reveals that half of us are taking our business elsewhere as a result of poor customer service, at an astonishing cost of £4.7m per day to UK businesses.

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Customer engagement is the backbone for any sustainable business. Successful businesses are able to win the trust of new customers and retain existing ones by following through with intelligent customer engagement strategies beyond the traditional sales touch points.

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I hope you have enjoyed reading the news that I found, that was tailored for you.

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