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I’m pretty sure that in the last 6 months and from now on, if you don’t adopt social media into your customer service department, you will fall behind.  customers are now expecting you to be present on social platforms.  Why?  because thats where they are!  It creates loyalty and if done right can create free marketing and advocates for your brand.

First up this week we have a piece from  The power of omni-channel delivers steak to an airport near you.  Joe Doyle examines the extent to which omni-channel can help to exceed a customer’s expectations, which can only be good for business.

Is customer service harder than programming?  It is according to Flavio Martins.  Customer service is harder than programming. Code is code. You have functions, classes, routines that are set. You can rely on them, they don’t change on you. You have the tools available and they do what you ask them to do, each and every time. It never changes.

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Empowering your people.  I had a problem with the services this company provides—in fact, they were unable to provide the services I pay for—month in and month out to the tune of almost $150 per month. I was told they could solve my problem on July 1—eleven days from the time I initially found the problem. ELEVEN days.

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How to foster loyalty with great customer service.  Despite initial concerns, research shows that the exponential growth in online shopping has not killed off brand loyalty. In fact, good customer service is still one of the main driving factors for consumer spend.

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Mobile is at the forefront.  We are, hopefully, all convinced of the importance of customer service. What about mobile device enabled customer service?

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