Top News You May Have Missed, Tailored to You!

Customer Service has had a busy week and lots of ideas are circulating that connect social media and measuring its success!

It’s about positive attitudes that create good vibes that transfer to the customer.   Here are some news sources that i have found just for you!

Here is a great piece about why you need customer service best practices.

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Read my guest post on how Siri has changed the way we do customer service.

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We all have goals and targets.  This great article explores calculating the ROI.

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Venture Beats explores the idea that Customers needs to step up and go to the next level of performance and be GREAT!

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a great article that i also truly believe is true, and often speak about, and that is Social customer service.

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I Hope you have enjoyed the news, that i found to be perfect for you, my readers!


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