Understanding the Potential Bias in Customer Service

When it comes to bias, there is no good type anywhere and noticing the potential bias in the customer services department is quite crucial. While most people understand what bias is, not a lot of people take their time in addressing it as a major issue that could affect the effectiveness of customer service. Bias is basically what keeps some people out of circles in businesses and other social places. Some people believe that specific types of people should not be treated in a good way and when there is bias in the customer service where most people have to directly deal with the employees, it becomes highly detrimental to the company.

Difference and Bias

One of the main problems that people have to deal with at work is to differentiate between Difference and bias. While some customer service departments will want to treat everyone the same, some argue that this is not true as not one single person is similar to the other. Difference cannot be avoided but what matters is how the customer service employees are handling the customers and their colleagues. Acknowledging differences does not create bias. For instance it is normal to recognize that someone is African-American but it is bias to assume that because they are that way, they have certain characteristics and should not be allowed to do some things.

Detecting Bias

When dealing with potential bias at the customer service, it is quite easy to notice when it is happening. In this world of social media where people update statuses and tweet every little thing that happens to them and a company or business cannot fail to notice when there is bias happening. It is important that company officials or those supervising the customer services be vigilant in reading responses and information posted online about them. Views and comments on social media business pages are a great way to detect any possibility of bias

Effects Of Bias

Bias has its own consequences and a few people complaining or the slightest form of bias sends a business to the negative side of multiple consumers. The case is worse especially because of the fact that it is happening in the customer services sector where the employees have to come into contact with many consumers everyday. The negativity could ruin the business’ reputation and this will lead to loss of customers and consequently reduce sales and income.

Dealing With The bias

It is crucial that all businesses ensure that they train their employees on good work ethics so as to avoid prevent bias towards customers and their colleagues. This can be done through seminars and through constant reminds that though we have differences; human beings are all important and have equal rights. Any cases of bias should be handled by the company immediately to avoid the damage of the company’s reputation and also to assure the client or the employee that the company is against such conducts. Potential bias can lead to the failure of a business if not dealt with the seriousness it deserves.


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