Unique Challenges for Online Food shopping Customer Support

Customer support is something that has been around since the beginning of business. Without customers, there would be no product to sell, and that’s why there is an important dynamic regarding how companies approach customer service. This began with simple pamphlets and manuals, but evolved into something bigger with the invention of telephones. After customers were able to speak with representatives, the industry stood still for a moment, but that changed with the introduction of the internet. New technology has allowed customers to gain access to new methods of customer service, ones that not only close the gap between companies and consumers, but increases business as well.

While the term “customer support” is very broad, it means different things for different companies. Those in the online food shopping business know that providing customer service is one of the most important aspects of the industry. Online support can come in the manner of providing quick links to popular brands or giving customers ways to ask questions about their order. The internet enables customers from around the world a way to get foods that they would otherwise not have access to, but having the right support is absolutely crucial.

Self-Service is the Answer

3D Self Service CrosswordAnother reason why so many companies rely on these tools is to provide customers with self-help options. As the name suggest, self-help is where services are provided for customers to circumvent more traditional customer service methods. When it comes to self-help, customers are able to search around and find the answers that they need without the assistance of a physical person. This method is taking the industry by storm for a number of different reasons, even if it sounds like a backwards concept for a online food shopping service. For one, it keeps customers happy and off of the phone lines, but it also saves companies big money.

Having self-service options for online food shopping means less phone traffic, which is a good thing for representatives. Less time on the phone saves money, and it keeps payroll from going over as well. It also means that the bigger issues can be resolved in person while the smaller ones can be solved with little to no effort. Customers also spend less time being frustrated and looking for answers because everything that they need to know is right there at their fingertips. Self-help takes very little effort to implement, but the outcome can be very huge. In fact, some companies even see an increase in customers due to the fact that they offer self-help options on their site.

What Big Brands are Doing?

The biggest names in online food shopping implement various types of online customer service. Schwan’s offers customer callback numbers, live chat, and a frequently asked section for their site. Peapod offers shopping tip videos as well as a New Room where they publish a number of different articles. These are just some of the examples that can be given as to how the online food shopping industry values customer service. By giving customers ways to shop around how they want and when they want, online food companies are ensuring that people shop for food online in the comfort of their own homes.

Keyboard Illustration "Food"Self-help doesn’t have to stop at just giving people the tools needed to succeed, though. There are programs out there that take this concept to the next level and ensure that customers are both happy and eager to shop for online food more often. Those looking to go even further with self-help need to look into WalkMe, the first interactive online guidance solution. This program works as a GPS of sorts, guiding the user through each step of the process until they reach their final destination. Interactive tip balloons are enabled throughout the process, and can be overlaid on the screen for short, guided instructions. These can be as complex or as simple as possible, meaning that users can be guided through the checkout process or learn how to track an order that’s on the way. With WalkMe, customers are still given the power to solve problems on their own, yet have the tools needed to help them out of a bind if they need help.

Going online is something that is great and exciting, but it can be difficult to master as well. Technology has created many different concepts that companies have struggled to keep up with, but the changing needs of the customer push innovation in a new direction. By using service tools like WalkMe, online food shopping businesses will continue to grow and expand in new and exciting ways.


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