VIDEO: Top 6 Ways to Get an Angry Customer to Back Down

Here are 6 strategies to get an angry customer to back down.

First, apologize.

Studies have found that a mere act of apologizing has reduced lawsuits.

Second, kill them softly with diplomacy.

By addressing the anger directly and non-defensively the customers anger level will begin to lower.

Thirdly, go into computer mode.

This means that you take on the characteristics of a computer by speaking generally and not taking on any emotions. This response will deflect and diffuse angry customers.

Fourth, try to give this question a shot, “have I done something personally to upset you?” Even if you know you haven’t done anything to upset the customer, this will give the customer a chance to reevaluate their behavior.

This question will also allow the customer to shift from the right brain to the left brain, giving them the opportunity to rationalize and listen. The fifth step is to show empathy. Showing empathy will help the customer to see that you genuinely care about the inconvenience of whatever the customer is experiencing. Lastly, show appreciation. After the customer has ranted to you about a situation, interject to thank them for taking the time to give you feedback.



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