Waze Is Entering Customer Service Lane – Piloting Waze Carpool

The Google-owned navigation app Waze has just entered into its pilot stage for Waze Carpool. Employees from select companies in the San Francisco Bay Area will be able to share rides to and from work during this pilot stage.

The goal of Waze Carpool is to give commuters a chance to beat rush hour by simply reducing the amount of drivers, thereby reducing traffic. Waze explains in their introductory video to Waze Carpool, that commuters would share rides if it wasn’t such a hassle. However, with Waze’s algorithms, it won’t be a hassle at all.

How does Waze Carpool work?

Waze using its navigation system, determines what the best route is for each driver to take to work and which riders are the best match for the driver. Drivers who are part of the program will receive relevant request from riders and can decide whether they would like to give them a ride or no.

Drivers will not be making money for their service, rather will be able to save money by receiving gas money directly through the app. Currently Waze will not be taking any sort of cut or transaction fee.

During the pilot stage, only select companies in the Bay Area will be able to sign up to be a rider or driver. Riders will only be able to accept rides to and from work, limiting them to two rides a day.


The Appeal

Riders: Riders don’t need to wait for the bus or spend extra money on gas. Riders will also benefit from cheaper fares as oppose to higher prices from Uber and Lyft.

Drivers: Drivers can benefit by saving money on gas and less congested traffic lanes. (Also they get the company of friends or fellow employees)


The Best Model for Customer Service

Waze did a brilliant job of creating a community that shares common knowledge to create a more pleasant driving experience. Waze gave users tools to create a system in which everyone benefits by sharing. Waze Carpool is implementing that very same model, but as oppose to just saving time, users will save money as well.


My question for Waze is: Will they begin to charge users in order to make a profit? If not, how will Waze Carpool be a source of income for the company and not a waste of resources? I will update you when I receive an answer.


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