Webinar: Boost Self Service Adoption Rates and Lower Customer Support Costs

I recently hosted and moderated a great webinar with WalkMe.  We had a great partnership with a leading customer service software provider.  The company is called Parature, and did a great talk educating and nurturing the concept of self service adoption for your business.

We discussed some issues surrounding how you can boost self service adoption rates and lower customer support costs.

By Attending the webinar , participants got to Learn about:

  • How to Skyrocket your Customer Experience & Loyalty using Self Service Adoption Technology
  • The Most Successful Methods to Increase First Call Resolutions
  • How Fortune 500 Companies are Reducing their Customer Support Costs

I’m happy to share the webinar with you.  To view the webinar, click play below.


Feel free to Tweet to me your questions after watching the webinar!  #SelfServAdopt
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