What Customer Service Teams Can Learn From Martin Luther King

When leading a customer service team, the main things you usually look for in employees is hard working personalities that are interested on giving people advice. Working as a customer service representative can often be quite a stressful job, as there will always be really annoying people calling to ask some of the most irrelevant questions. This is why you should implement a role model to all of the employees in your customer service team. There really is no better role model than Martin Luther King, as he is one of the most inspiring, well educated, civil rights leaders in the world. However, even though people are well aware on how great of a role model “Martin Luther King” is, they don’t know exactly how they can benefit from looking up to this superior man. Just following his advice can change your business in many ways.

What Customer Service Teams Can Learn From Martin Luther King

– Respect

One of the main things that your customer service teams will learn and remember whenever they think of Martin Luther King is his unfailing respect for others. He was the type of guy who never wanted to judge people for the way they looked and if you have a team that is filled with different races or the customers that call in for help all have different races, then Martin will definitely be such a great role model to those who are are prone to being quite racist. Having everyone respect one another in your team is often considered to be quite a tough thing because there are so many people that don’t know how to respect other people.

– Professionalism

Professionalism is also something that your team will learn whenever they see a photo of Martin in their room, as he was always considered to be a guy with great intelligence and self respect. He knew exactly how to keep people calm whenever they weren’t in a good mood which gained him such great respect upon others. Professionalism is something that customer service people need because it will help them to be a lot more easy to talk to whenever people need their help.

– Patience

The last, yet probably most important thing that Martin can help your customer service team to have is patience. Sometimes your customer support team will have to deal with seemingly boring “How-To” questions. Even though there are technologies that eliminate these basic questions like WalkMe, these “How to” questions are still the majority of the inquiries coming to the call center – and the repentance can be very annoying. Having very patient employees basically means they will be able to keep any customer calm at all times regardless of what they need to know about. Martin Luther King’s death receive such huge publicity because of how amazing of a person he was, people sought him out to be respectful, patient, and very generous.  His excellent traits and personality will definitely make him to be such a great role model to your customer service team.

From the stress of having to coordinate a bunch of people to keep other hot headed people calm can really make you forget about all the great things about life. However, when you are reminded to be more patient, respectful, and professional by a man as great as Martin Luther King time at work can really be less stressful.