What is a Virtual Contact Center?

A virtual contact center (VCC) also known as ACD (Cloud Automatic Distributor) can be described as a contact center technical option that supports agents who are located in various geographical locations instead of working out of a central physical location. Using this type of centre means that an agent can work from home. In most of the scenarios, all an agent needs is a computer that is connected to the internet and a phone and they are good to go. For an organization to invest in this, they need a technical solution that will pave way for incoming customer service calls that will be routed to the ideal remote agent.

Benefits of a Virtual Contact Center

There are numerous benefits that both an organization and the agents get from virtual contact center making it a worthy investment.


Agents normally benefit in a number of ways such as working in a remote location meaning that they do not have to commute to a single working place. This gives them great flexibility with their job which can help them become more productivity. This can help them save both money and time.

This usually results in happier agents thus agent retention also increases. They have also proved to result in higher agent satisfaction which also contributes to low agent turnover. The happiness and joy is transferred to the clients which results in more delightful and positive experience yielding greater client retention and loyalty.


Organizations also benefits in a huge way from the virtual contact center include:

Reduced costs

An organization does not have to spend a lot of money looking for a physical location as they do not have to pay rent or get the infrastructure needed to run the call center. The money that is saved here can also be used for other important business operations.

Larger agent selection pool

Due to the nature of virtual contact center, professional agents can be located almost anywhere as they can still handle the calls without any complications. This means that recruiting agents no longer has to be restricted to a particular geographical location.

Lower agent turnover

An organization usually spends a lot of time and money training and recruiting agents which can affect the business in a negative way. With the virtual centers, more agents get to keep their jobs as they are pleased with their jobs because of its flexibility giving them the option to work where they want.

Adjust to a variety of call volumes

Organizations can also view their call volumes as they fluctuate that is significantly based on the time of the year or due to a number of specific events for instance class actions lawsuits and natural disasters. This can make the organization adjust rapidly the agents they are using. The number can also be adjusted when the volume gets to decrease.

To select the ideal solution, make sure that it comes with all the good features such as live quality monitoring, intelligent routing, agent set up speed, intuitive agent monitor design, analytics and technical solution partner to reap the benefits of the virtual contact center.


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