What Is Customer Loyalty And Retention

It takes a lot of skills to be a customer service representative, call center agent, or a sales and marketing agent. You have to ensure that everything you do will translate to the full satisfaction of the customer from the quality of service you give down to the tricks on how you sell the product or service you are promoting. And even though you are doing everything “by the book”, there are still people who are not really happy with the way you or your company is dealing with them. It’s either they lost their trust on the product they were patronizing or they had experience something bad about the product or the employees that lead them to the loss of loyalty. In these kinds of situations, how are you going to win back the customer’s loyalty? What are the things you need to do to make them feel that they are valuable to your company? In this article, we are going to discuss what is customer loyalty and retention. This article is created to give useful information to know the effective strategies on keeping the customer loyalty to the product or service offered by your company.

The Definition Of Customer Loyalty And Retention:
To begin with the discussion of the topic, let’s try to know first the definition of customer loyalty and retention. In simple terms, the idea of customer loyalty is all about inviting the right people and then convince them to buy, getting them to buy frequently, and then bring in more potential customers.

On the other hand, retention is the process of keeping a client by presenting them with more beneficial offers so that they would not move to the competitor. This is an important marketing strategy to reduce customer defections and at the same time exceed their expectations to meet their idea of customer satisfaction.

How To Put Customer Loyalty And Retention Into Practice:
As a representative of your company, you can build customer loyalty by using these simple strategies:

1. Email Marketing – keeping in touch with your clients/customers by sending them communications about anything that has to do with your company. You can do this by using the power of the electronic mail.

2. Making everything well – if you have a high position in your company, make sure to treat your subordinates well and in turn they will treat the customers well.

3. Being attentive to the customer’s comments and suggestions – listen on what they have to say so that you can find some ways to improve your product and service. This is also one way of saying that you and your company value their opinions.

4. Reward system – try to compensate their decision of choosing your company over the competitor.

5. Finding ways to make them happier – plan out some ways that you can make them happy and in turn they will make your company profitable.

On the other hand, if there’s a need retain a dissatisfied client here are the things that you need to do:

1. Let them vent out their frustrations – unsatisfied customer can sometimes be irate, so just let them vent out all their anger and frustrations about the product or any negative experience from your company. Make them feel that you are genuinely listening to them. If they tend to attack you, don’t take it to personally. You are in charge of the situation and you know that they are angry at you because you represent your company and not for the person that you are.

2. Apologize and empathize – try to show some empathy and apologize in behalf of your company for all the troubles they have experienced.

3. Compensate on the customer’s trouble – once you have calm down the customer, try to give a compensation for the bad experience he/she had encountered. Try to make some arrangements that would prove to be highly beneficial on their part as long as it is approved by your manager or superior.

To summarize all these thoughts, a happy customer is a satisfied customer. Always put in mind that you must guarantee a full customer satisfaction to keep them from supporting your product or service. Give them that “wow” experience and surely they will keep on coming back and maybe they will bring along their friends with them. Hopefully, you have gained more knowledge on this article about what is customer loyalty and retention.

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