What’s New In Customer Service?

Customer service should be a big part of any business. Customers in different cities, states or cultures have different expectations of their customer service, and different precption for your business. Find out what can we learn from France, How can you look at your business from your customer’s perspective, what American Ninja Warrior can teach us about customer service and many more interesting articles that I read this week. Below, you can find my favorite articles this week.


5 Customer Service Lessons from American Ninja Warrior

American Ninja Warrior is a sports entertainment show, in which competitors try to complete a series of obstacle courses. This show has a number of parallels to front-line customer service. The course is ever-changing, and the different obstacles require a number of different skill sets. In this article, the author Adam Toporek, presents us five customer service lessons we can learn from American Ninja Warrior.


Why Customer Service Makes the Difference

Every business needs to put its customer service in high priority. In this article, Kim Garst, a small business owner, asks profound questions about the meaning customer service. Is customer service just about solving problems, or an opportunity to constantly improving the relationship between a business and its customers.


Customer Service Lessons from France

Have ever been to France? Have you ever notice their customer service? The author of this great post, Scarfie, visited France and thought we can all learn something from their customer service. For instance, he claims that French waiters are good at their job because they value their profession and know everything about their products. Read here what does it take to be more like the French when providing customer service, and how technology can help us do that.


6 Ways of Gauging How Your Customers Perceive You

Most customers find it easier to walk away from a business if they are not satisfied with the service, without giving feedback or reporting on complaints and issues. When a customer leaves without saying why, you are deterred from knowing why, thus being able to improve.

If you want to retain customers it is really important to know how they perceive your product or service. In this article, the Maham Riaz gives us tools on how to look at your business from your customers’ perspective. That way you will deliver better customer service.


Insider Live Chat Customer Service Tips

Today’s customer wants to be connected all the time and do almost everything through the internet. Businesses need to have a website. That way, customers can purchase your product any time they want. When customers are browsing or shopping on your website, they will definitely have questions, complaints or issues they would love to share. In order to deliver them a great experience and service, you need to have a live chat service. In this article ,you will find many benefits of using live chat services.




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