Why Live Chat Will Propel Your Customer Support Department

Live chat  provides a quick, easy, and convenient way for online businesses to connect with their customers. Many online stores are already taking the advantage of instant chat technology, resulting in improved credibility, increased revenue, and customer loyalty.

However, there are always certain specifics to every industry and the concept of instant chat yields different results for different businesses. In this article, we’ll elaborate some points to reason out the effectiveness of live online chat feature for web companies.

If you’ve yet to get a system where you can provide your customers with online assistance, then live with the fact that your potential market is already considering alternate route that fulfills their requirements. A web store or online business needs to have an efficient live online chat system to be able to retain customers and attract the new ones.

Your customers are likely to trust you more when they’re able to communicate with you directly round the clock.

Here are some benefits of using live chat feature for an online business:

 1. Reduce Customer Support and Sales Costs

Live chat customer support enables your company to reduce the total cost of providing customer support via toll free lines. The overall savings may range from $10-$30 an hour, if you shift your customer support focus online.

2. Instant Response to Potential Customers

Potential customers will always require information to be delivered in a fast and efficient manner. Live help allows online customer service representatives to entertain your customers’ needs and resolve their doubts while they are browsing your website. It should be quick and effective enough to provide instant response to your customers’ queries in minimum turnaround time.

3. Easily Accessible Customer Service

Instant chat feature allows your customers to quickly locate the customer representative on the website itself who can assist them with their queries and provide the desired information about products and services being offered. This will automatically lead to substantial increase in the company’s revenue.

4. Proactively Seek Sales and Feedback

Live online chat allows your customer service representatives to initiate the live help chat and ask the visitors if they need any guidance or assistance to choose the right products and services. This means that your representatives can now sell any product under the wrap of providing guidance, resulting in higher sales revenue.

Allowing your customers to contact you online, will also help your sales team to look out for new opportunities and improve the percentage of closing sales. Your site visitors will receive a non-intrusive alert when they’ll request a live help chat.

The best part about using live chat feature on your website is that you need not hire too many people to get the work done. One person can easily handle 2-3 chats in one time, which automatically reduces the need of hiring customer representatives in bulk.

This is a good way to reach out to a wider audience without making any adjustments in the regular business operations of the organization. You can expect to see better performance and good returns through live chat feature in the customer support department of your organization.





Amy Clark is the Lead Author & Editor of IWantItNow Blog. Amy established the Customer Engagement blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to customer service, support and engagement.