Why Should Customer Service be Social?

Guest post by Nunzia Falco Simeone – Marketing manager at Deskero 


In 2012, Mashable wrote that by the end of the year, 80% of companies would have planned to use social media for customer service and on the consumer side 62% of customers had already used social media for customer service issues.

We are pretty sure that numbers will be bigger by the end of 2013. Forget emails and contact forms. You can’t ignore Social Media Customer Service anymore. Customers ask questions on Facebook, Twitter & co, and they want companies to answer really fast. Their expectations go up as rapidly as the delivery technologies change.

In a world which never switches off, consumers demand online support 24/7. They don’t call customer service anymore, and they don’t go on your website neither. Companies need to check every channel clients might choose, and they must be ready to answer.

Companies that refuse to become social are ignoring those needs and losing great business opportunities. Why? Because consumers are not only expecting easier and faster solutions to their concerns, they also compensate with their loyalty.

The top reasons brands are using social media for customer service are to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, to reduce customer support costs and to drive customer advocacy. Social media allow brand to speedily resolve a problem and to deal sympathetically with consumers.

Customers are more likely to endorse a brand after having a positive experience online and clients who received a great online response are more likely to share their experiences and recommend a brand. And monitoring a brand on social network is also useful to protect it against a crisis. Not bad, right?

When customers contact a company, their experiences should be the same no matter what channel they use. That’s why every company should realize that it’s necessary a new simple and fast way to manage the social media customer service.

A help desk software like Deskero (www.deskero.com) can be the answer to this need. Companies need a tool to bring some order into all the help and information requests that they might receive through any type of media. With a platform like Deskero you can also customize every aspect of your portal, organize a knowledge base by entering solutions into a public database that clients can freely browse, gather feedback and comments directly from your web site, analyze day-to-day trends in the social media assets through exclusive social monitor features.


Deskero Bio

Deskero is the provider of a cloud based call center that ties in several different contact points into one place. It offers ticket management for every issue, a knowledge base, social media integration and reporting. There’s also domain mapping and scenario execution for business and power level customers.

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