Why Your Customer Loyalty and Retention is Failing


Clients are the lifeline of a business therefore, customer loyalty and retention is very important. The more you have the higher your chances are of making it in the business. How do you ensure that you retain you customers? Why is it that you are not seeing repeat customers and if you are, they are very few? What is it that you are not doing right? These are some of the questions as a business owner you should ask yourself. They will help you identify the problems that may be bringing down your business. Here are some of the things that may make your customer retention and loyalty efforts fail.

Not Fulfilling the Needs of Your Customers

The only reason customers come to you is they believe you can take care of their needs. This is why they buy goods and services from you. If the products they get from you do not satisfy them, most probably, they will not come back. Your products must have high quality standards. They must deliver what they promise. Failure to this, your customers will be disappointed. You should also understand the needs your customers have and direct them to the products that will cater for these needs.

Unsatisfactory Customer Care

Customers come to you expecting that you will value their business and time. They expect to be treated with respect, concern and be valued by you and your staff. When a customer comes to your premises and does not get the attention or help he was looking for, chances of him coming back will be minimal. He will take his business where he feels welcome, appreciated and valued. Simple things like smiling and welcoming the customer can go along way in ensuring customer loyalty and retention. Before he leaves, ensure that he is satisfied and he got what he came looking for.

Poor Customer Relations

When your clients tell you that they are not happy about something, do you look into it? A customer may not be happy with a certain product, a member of staff or he may suggest that you improve your services. Do you look into it and get back to the client after solving the problem? Sometimes, a product may be faulty or there may be a problem where you were supposed to ship it to the client. How do you handle such cases? Every now and then, crisis with clients will come up. Sometimes you will have to swallow your pride and go out of your way to ensure that the client is happy.

The Prices of Your Products

When your pricing is over board, customers may only stay for as long as it will take them to find a cheaper supplier. Stay competitive by offering affordable and competitive prices. On the same note, ensure that your business is easily accessible to your clients. Where possible, offer a system where they can order for anything they want, pay for it and have it delivered without coming to your premises. You should also work hard to build and retain your customers’ trust.

Looking into these issues will help you with customer loyalty and retention.

is Specialist in Customer Success and chief writer and editor of I Want It Now, a blog for Customer Service Experts. Follow her @StefWalkMe