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The Year of Omnichannel Support – 2014 Predictions

Customer service is very important to customers and if a company does not offer great customer service, they will lose customers. With this in mind, companies have been trying to…


Think You Know How to Choose the Right Customer Engagement Tools ? Think Again!

You might think that most companies are providing excellent customer service, but that would be an incorrect assumption. In fact, only 10% of customers think they are really getting good…


How to Train and Groom Perfect Customer Service Representatives?

The Importance of an Engaged Team There exists a very close relationship between how a company treats its employees and how it actually performs in terms of financial growth. Unfortunately…


The 5 Common Customer Service Fails to Avoid

Most small businesses tend to lose their foothold hold in the market, or even fail to gain one at all, owing to common customer service fails. They tend to forget…

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This Week’s Best in Customer Engagement

This week’s top five in Customer Engagement help us get a better understanding of the role of customer experience in building loyalty, in determining the role of customer service, and…

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Drive Customer Satisfaction Using Context-Aware Engagement

You. That’s who we support. Not just any “you”. It’s a very specific YOU. It’s YOU doing exactly what you’re doing at this exact moment. These days, customers are becoming…

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How to Effectively Handle Customer Service Complaints

Resolving customer service complaints is one of the most challenging tasks that customer service attendants encounter on a daily basis. This proves to be difficult because it is not easy…

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Funny VIDEO: Life at a Call Center

Call center customer service experts handle nearly 200,000 calls a day. It goes to show how hard a job it can be. However, when customers do call, experts must still…

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Creating a Customer Service Questionnaire Template

The customer service questionnaire will help you gauge the perception of your customers on the quality of your service or product. The questionnaire will also help to evaluate how your business or…

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Best of the Week in CS

Another hot summer week has gone by, but that doesn’t mean I’ve let the heat stop me from reading some interesting customer support articles! Here are my favorite reads this week. 1. The Role of Content…

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How to Quash a Customer Service Social Media Uprising

Consumers are talking about their customer experiences with more people than ever before. According to a recent American Express Global Customer Service Barometer if a customer has a good experience…

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VIDEO: Dealing With Angry Customers

Customers are the heart and soul of your business. If you’re not mindful of their needs and expectations you’re not likely to survive for a long time in your market….

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How to Create a Positive Customer Service Experience

We are living in a very competitive world that makes it a challenge to make an impact in the market unless we search for best ways possible to create positive…

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