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The Year of Omnichannel Support – 2014 Predictions

Customer service is very important to customers and if a company does not offer great customer service, they will lose customers. With this in mind, companies have been trying to…


Think You Know How to Choose the Right Customer Engagement Tools ? Think Again!

You might think that most companies are providing excellent customer service, but that would be an incorrect assumption. In fact, only 10% of customers think they are really getting good…


How to Train and Groom Perfect Customer Service Representatives?

The Importance of an Engaged Team There exists a very close relationship between how a company treats its employees and how it actually performs in terms of financial growth. Unfortunately…


VIDEO: Dealing With Angry Customers

Customers are the heart and soul of your business. If you’re not mindful of their needs and expectations you’re not likely to survive for a long time in your market….

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How to Create a Positive Customer Service Experience

We are living in a very competitive world that makes it a challenge to make an impact in the market unless we search for best ways possible to create positive…

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Customer Service Training Ideas and Activities

Whether you are a customer service supervisor or trainer, you’ll find customer service training ideas and activities very important for your business to succeed. Nowadays, many business organizations have come…

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The Week’s Best Reads in Customer Service

1. Using Customer Analytics to Improve Corporate Performance This article by Louis Columbus helps us gain better insight into attracting new customers while retaining and encouraging existing ones. This is…

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3 Tips for Improving Customer Support

Building a strong connection with customers is crucial for your business to stay competitive and to offer better customer support. I write a lot about customer service a lot on…

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Hilarious Video- Seinfeld Takes on Customer Service

They on the frontlines as a customer facing representative of a company, but they also have to deal with internal company issues. For example in the clip below the Car…

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Tips for Lowering Customer Service Costs

It is highly important for customer support managers to try all means possible to lower customer service costs in order to avoid incurring huge expenses for call center workforce. Inasmuch…

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The Week’s Best in Customer Service

 1. It’s Time to Put Service in Your Customer’s Hands This article by Tricia Morris helps articulate some of the biggest changes in the area of mobile customer service and how…

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Post on Post: Customer Service Doesn’t Need To Be Delightful – Just Effective

I recently read the article; Surprise! Customer Service Doesn’t Need To Be Delightful – Just Effective written by Kate Leggett. It’s about a study done by Forrester Data on what…

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How to Improve Call Center Performance

As customer experience and service is increasingly becoming a strategic priority for companies, the need to improve call center performance seems to have become one of the most crucial aspects…

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