Customer Service Weekly Roundup

The field of customer care has been developing magnificently over the years, mostly thanks to technological advancements. Every day, more tools are being invented to ease self-service, and more articles are being written about ways to improve our customer care skills. Find out how tech changes our customer experience and life, the power of customer

WATCH NOW: The Evolution of Self-Service in the U.S

Self-service has been an emerging field since the 19th century. With technology, people can now do by themselves things that they would have never imagined doing just decades ago. From postcard vending machines to self-checkout counters at grocery stores, the self-service industry has grown leaps and bounds and will continue to expand and allow people

My Favorite Articles This Week on Customer Service

In order to deliver superior customer service, you must understand the consumers’ definition of customer service. Once you understand that, it’s easier to deliver the experience and service they want. Find out how to ditch bad customer service habits, read statistics on the power of positive customer service, see how to convince customers to keep