Customer Service: Who Cares?

In this technology-driven age, companies are constantly implementing new and innovative technologies in order to improve their customer service. Although this is great in theory, the amount of time they actually spend on perfecting and improving these strategies seems to be lacking significantly, and leads us to question where their priorities lie.  You would think

3 Bad Customer Service Experiences for the History Books

The good. The bad and the ugly. We have all had customer service experiences that fit inside one of these categories. Whether Clint Eastwood’s good, Lee Van Cleef’s bad or Eli Wallach’s ugly, dealing with customer service can sometimes be a dreadful experience. Today we are making Tucco and Angel Eyes proud. Sorry Clint. So

What Customers Rank as Their Worst Customer Support Experiences

As much as consumers may wish to know absolutely everything, they don’t… and when it comes to products and services, they often rely on over-the-phone customer service to get help. As a result, customer service representatives are often overwhelmed with support requests, some that are handled well, and others not. As customer care agents, we