My Favorite Articles This Week About Customer Service

When it comes to great customer service, you must understand how to combine between customer service department to other departments such as marketing department or customer success department. Find out why it’s so important to converge between customer service and marketing, why not to use 80/20 service level, examples for customer service fails, and many

The Evolution of Customer Success: Today’s Multi-Dimensional, Multi-Generational Challenge (Part Two in a Three-Part Series)

This is part two of a three-part series. Read the first part here. In the past, I’ve written and spoken about the evolution of customer service. And driving that change are evolving customers. Customers of the same company or business might come from different generations. They might have different knowledge or backgrounds. But the rapid

5 Benefits Proactive Engagement Can Bring To Your Business

87% of customers want to be contacted proactively by companies.   Proactive engagement is the art of anticipating customer pain points and providing help before they even ask for it. Besides showing your customers that you’re paying attention and are always there to help, proactive engagement can also benefit your business by increasing conversions.